Finding the right heater for your home is not easy as it has to be efficient, durable, easy to use, safe, and, most important, energy-saving. According to the operating mode, we have selected some of the best space heaters that can create a warm ambiance for you without adding too much to your electricity bill.

Infrared heating panels

The infrared heater is, by far, the most efficient heater that can create a lasting heat that is not lost through air currents. The infrared heating panel creates a radiant heat that is absorbed by bodies and objects in the room instead of heating the air. This way, you will feel warm and you will sit on warm beds and walk on warm floors, a feeling of warmth that will not be influenced every time you open a door. Since the infrared heating panel creates an efficient heat, it operates less and uses less energy.

Ceramic electric heaters

Ceramic heaters are the best radiant heaters. They are efficient and reliable units that emit a type of infrared heat meant to heat the room in less time than other models and using less energy. The DeLonghi DCH5090ER ceramic heater is extremely efficient in providing heat while staying energy-saving thanks to the Eco-energy feature that reduces the energy consumption up to 40%. This feature uses a thermostat, a digital timer, and multiple heat settings in order to allow you to adjust the level of temperature and the duration of the functioning. So, if you are interested in the best radiant heaters, you should definitely go for ceramic heaters.

Fan heaters

Heaters that use fans have the advantage of distributing the heat on a larger area than those that emit rays or waves of heat. However, these are also the most energy consuming, so a fan heater that helps you save energy is a rarity. The Vornado DVTH heater is one example of a fan heater that saves energy due to the unique vortex action it includes, which is a movement that distributes the air evenly through the room without requiring more power.

Oil radiators

What an oil radiator does is that it heats the oil inside it until it reaches a very high temperature that heats the housing, which then emits the heat into the room. This type of heater is suitable for small rooms that require fast heat and the DeLonghi V550920.B oil radiator is one of the best models. It includes a thermostat that allows it to turn on when the temperature gets below the one you set and it also turns it off the moment the temperature reaches the selected level. This way, there will be no useless functioning and no energy waste.