Anyone who wants to participate in saving our planet must go through some changes in their personal life as well. Solar power gadgets are a must have for any “green” person, being environmentally friendly because they don’t consume any electricity. If you are interested in protecting our planet, read about some useful solar powered gadgets in the following lines, and go out to buy yourself as many as you can.

Solar powered security camera

With a solar powered security camera you won’t have to worry again if the power in your area is interrupted. Every time the power goes down, a normal security camera stops working, and burglars might find it to be the perfect moment to break in your home. The solar power security camera is guaranteed to work 24/7 during the entire year, no matter what your location is, the power plant being designed for the requirement of the camera.

Sun Table

The Sun Table is a great solar powered device that has the benefit of being weather resistant. The surface is made up of cells designed to capture solar energy, storing it for later use. This means that whenever you want to go outside with your laptop, you can simply pop the waterproof cap off the electrical outlet of the Sun Table, and plug the laptop in to charge it without consuming any electricity at all, while enjoying the fresh air.

Solar powered cell phone chargers

The harsh truth is that we are all addicted to our cell phones, and because we talk and play on them so much, their batteries run out of juice fast. Cell phones are very wasteful when it comes to charging them, but if you buy a solar powered cell phone charger, it won’t be a problem anymore. Enjoy playing the new game you just downloaded, or cruise the Internet as much as you want from your phone, because you have the solar powered charger now, and you won’t hurt the environment anymore whenever your phone runs out of battery power.

Solar refrigerator

Yes, solar refrigerators exist, being the creation of some NASA scientists. While the concept might not be new, the SunDanzer solar refrigerator is the most practical and widely available refrigerator. The SunDanzer does the same things a typical refrigerator does, but the difference is that it must be plugged into a solar panel system to work. This refrigerator needs five hours of direct sunlight every day to maintain optimal refrigeration, but the good part is that it stores all the excess energy for later use. Therefore, if you encounter a week when the sun doesn’t shine at all in your area, the refrigerator will run on the power it already stored.