It might sound peculiar to ask if your coffee is Eco-friendly or not, but if you think about how many resources are actually consumed to produce the coffee, you will understand. In the growth, distribution, and selling of coffee, millions of plastic and paper products are used, a massive amount of water is consumed to grow, to harvest, and to brew the coffee, and fuel is consumed to distribute it all around the world. If you want to protect our natural resources and to participate in saving our planet, add making your coffee more Eco-friendly to the list of things you must change.

Buy organic coffee

Organic coffee isn’t only environmentally friendly, but it’s good for your health as well. This is due to the fact that no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers are used to grow it. You can buy organic coffee from any store that sells coffee, and it’s simple to recognize it because it has a certified organic badge on the packaging.

Buy local coffee

In order to reduce the amount of fuel that is spent on delivering coffee from distant countries to yours, and reduce the pollution of the atmosphere as well, buy coffee that is produced in your own country or in a neighboring country. After all, no matter where the coffee comes from, you drink it to serve the purpose of giving you energy. Besides, there are many specialty blends all over the world that taste amazing, making it impossible to not find coffee that is produced in proximity to you.

Make your coffee at home

To stop the waste of plastic and paper, and to make sure that the coffee you are drinking is organic and Eco-friendly, make your coffee at home. Most households have a coffee maker anyway, and if you don’t have one you can buy one because they aren’t expensive, and they offer you the comfort of drinking coffee whenever you feel like it without having to go out to buy it. By drinking coffee in the morning at home, you not only save the environment, but you save money as well. To further protect the environment, buy reusable filters for your coffee maker, instead of using paper filters that have to be thrown after every use.

Carry a reusable cup with you when you go out

If you want to enjoy coffee during the day as well, and you don’t want to carry a canteen with you wherever you go, buy a reusable cup. This way, when you go to a coffee shop during the day to buy coffee, by giving them your cup to fill it with coffee instead of asking them to give one, you reduce plastic and paper waste. In addition, there are many shops that offer costumers who bring their own cups discounts.