We all know that nowadays we are dealing with the world food crisis due to the fact that our food resources are extremely low in comparison with the number of people who live on this planet. Some say that the best solution to this issue would be to stop eating meat. In case you are wondering if the vegan diet is the solution to the world food crisis, you should have a look at this article for a better understanding of this aspect.

What is the real situation in the world?

When it comes to the food crisis, there are voices who say that vegan diet is a good solution for this problem and others who say that the situation will remain the same. Let’s see how the situation really is, and you can draw your own conclusion. It is an official information that world’s population is 7 billion. Unfortunately, more than over a billion suffer from hunger. This happens due to the fact that some countries from this world are too poor to raise animals or to plant vegetables and they also don’t have the right conditions to do that. Let’s talk a bit about agricultural facts of life, in order to understand how the vegetarian diet can solve this problem. Most of the crops that are grown nowadays are used to feed the animals from animal farms. A big part is actually wasted due to the fact that for example we only get from a cow a small quantity of meat, but this animal actually eats a lot of grains during his life. You will probably be surprised to find out that more than half of the fish that is caught worldwide is being used to feed farm animals. Can you imagine how much food is wasted with 50 billion farm animals that are raised worldwide each year? No wonder we need to do something about that as soon as possible. In case we choose to become vegan, we are going to have plenty of food to feed all the people on this planet and even the next generations. It is without any doubt an important aspect that we should consider in case we want to stop the world food crisis. We must not forget that the population increases each year and this is even worse. In case it is not possible to eliminate all types of meat from our lifestyle, we should at least reduce the amount of meat we eat. If we all do that, the situation will definitely improve and we won’t have people who suffer from malnutrition and hunger anymore.