Many people choose to have¬†different types of plants in their homes in order to beautify their interior. On the other hand, did you know that some indoor plants can purify your indoor air as well? While some might resort to an electric air purifier for this job, plants can also work. If you didn’t know anything about this aspect, but you are interested in it, have a look at the following indoor plants with amazing air purifying properties.


This is an extremely popular indoor plant which can easily remove benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from your indoor air. This incredible plant is extremely recommended to be placed in a home where a person smokes. By doing so, the smell of cigarettes will be removed and the air purified. It is recommended to place in your home two or three potted palms in order to breathe a fresh and purified indoor air.

Snake plant

Most of the plants need sunlight in order to grow beautifully. The good news is that the snake plant doesn’t need too much light or water in order to look beautiful and survive, which is absolutely perfect for people who have a dark house. This plant will easily absorb carbon dioxide from the indoor air and release oxygen, and it does that during the night not during the day like most of the plants.


This amazing indoor plant is absolutely beautiful. You will certainly change the whole aspect of your home with a plant like this. Its red oval leaves that look almost unreal are absolutely fantastic. Apart from its beauty, this potted plant has amazing air purifying properties as well. Indoor air is full of nasty toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene which can harm our health. Fortunately, a cheap and easy method to eliminate these toxins is to place in each room a potted Schefflera, in order to be able to breathe healthy air.

English Ivy

It has been demonstrated that English Ivy is the most effective indoor plant when it comes to absorbing the formaldehyde from indoor air. It is a plant extremely easy to grow and has a cheerful aspect as well. You should try to hang it instead of pot it, for a better effect.


Are you looking for an indoor plant with amazing air purifying properties? If so, then you should get a Philodendrons. Furthermore, this amazing plant requires very little attention. This plant is known for removing efficiently all the toxins that are found in the indoor air. A plant like this will certainly beautify your interior and clean the indoor air as well.