We live on a fragile planet that needs our care, therefore we must try our best to protect it. Unfortunately, plastic waste thrown on the ground is a world wide problem today, and even if you throw it neat in a garbage, it won’t be recycled for sure. The sad truth in that only 10% of plastic waste is recovered for recycling, the rest being scattered all over, damaging our beloved planet. If you are interested in simple ways to go green, the best thing you can do is to reduce your plastic waste. This can be achieved through some very simple lifestyle changes.

Don’t buy plastic bottled water

Maybe most people don’t realize this, but bottled water doesn’t only harm the environment because it’s one of the most common objects that gets thrown without being recycled, but it harms the health of the humans who drink it as well. Many bacteria can be found in bottled water, because they aren’t all tested, no matter what the label says, and the fact that it’s delivered in poor conditions and stored improperly means you are drinking water filled with toxins from the plastic as well. In addition, you spend a lot more on bottled water than you should. Simply carry around with you a metallic container filled with water from the tap or water filter at all times, and you’ll be saving money, keeping yourself healthy, and protecting the environment at the same time.

Stop using straws

Do you really need a straw for your juice? Most probably not. Straws are thrown and litter as much as plastic bags and bottles of water, and the only way to stop this is to not use them anymore. Therefore, stop using straws and if you have children, st an example for them as well. In case you have children, buy a stainless steel or glass straw, and carry it around with you if they won’t drink their beverage without it.

Use an electric shaver

Instead of using disposable razors to get rid of that annoying facial hair, buy one of the best electric razors. You need to shave very often anyway, and disposable razors last for 1-2 uses, after which you have to throw them. By owning an electric shaver, you save a lot of money because you don’t have to buy razors once every 2-3 days, and you don’t fall in the “plastic” trap that companies that make products using plastic set for their costumers. Moreover, the best electric razors offer a quicker and smoother shaving experience than the classic disposable razor.

Cloth shopping bags

The best ways to go green involve giving up on disposable products, plastic bags being the most common of these products. Shopping bags can be lost or discarded easily, and they take thousands of years to melt because of their material. If you care about the world you live in, buy a cloth shopping bag and use it whenever you go shopping. Stock up on these shopping bags, and don’t forget to have one in your purse whenever you go out of the house.

Don’t throw out electronics

Instead of throwing out your old TV, computer, or microwave, repair it or upgrade it. This way you save money and keep mother nature out of harm’s way. If you really want to change a certain electronic device or appliance in your home with a new and better model, it’s better to take the old one to a facility where it will surely be recycled, or sell it to someone who needs it.