Air conditioners are efficient ways of cooling your home during hot days of summer or even heating them during winter, but they are also one of the biggest energy consumers in your house, with more than 40% on the electricity bill. Considering the costs, no wonder you will want to use it less and more efficiently, and here are some ways to minimize the energy consumption of your AC.
  • Don’t let the AC running in rooms where you don’t stay because that would be energy waste. A responsible use of all your appliances means less overall energy consumption, so make sure you limit the use of the AC in rooms where you don’t sit and transitory rooms like hallways. Also, you can raise the thermostat’s setting throughout the night or when you are away and don’t need cooling. This can help you save up to 15% on the electricity bill.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed while you have the AC running in order to keep hot air from coming inside. The room where you turn on the AC should be closed tight in order to minimize the effect of using the air conditioner. Once the temperature is lowered to a comfortable level, you can turn the AC off and enjoy the cool air while making sure no hot air comes from the outside.
  • A humid air can make you feel a hotter temperature than it normally is, which influences how much you use the air conditioner. The moister the air, the hotter you feel, so lowering the air humidity level is a smart step in reducing the energy consumption of your AC. Dehumidifiers do a great job in reducing the air moisture but make sure you get an Energy Star rated unit that uses 15% less energy than other models.
  • A tower fan that would disperse the cool air created by the AC on a wider area can maximize the performance and minimize the energy consumption. If you manage to spread the cool air faster, you will need the AC to operate less, thus minimizing the energy consumption. Visit in order to find the most efficient and affordable tower fan.
  • Sunlight that gets inside your house through the windows also works as heat, so you should keep the rooms as shady and dark as possible if you want to use the AC less. Use blinds and curtains to keep sunlight from heating the windows that could emit heat and you will notice that your house will need less cooling.