One of the fun parts of summer is that you get to swim and relax in the swimming pool and if you have a pool at home, the fun lasts longer, but it also means that it’s your responsibility to keep the pool clean and safe. You can resort to chemicals when it comes to pool cleaning, but this is the harshest option and you would want to keep chemicals away from your skin. Instead, you can use one of the following chemical-free cleaning ideas and keep your pool clean the natural way.

Replace the chlorine with salt

Chlorine is the most common solution for cleaning swimming pools and one of the most dangerous as well. If you swim for a long time in a pool with water that has been treated with chlorine, you will come out with your eyes red, your hair green, and itchy skin. It’s even a fact that chlorine in the swimming pool can trigger allergies and asthma in small children, so you might want to pass this step. Instead of chlorine, use salt and you will have a water that is more gentle to the skin while keeping the dirt and algae away in a natural way.

Cover the pool to keep debris away

Keeping the dirt away from the pool instead of cleaning it is also a matter of pool cleaning, so a pool cover sounds like a great idea. Pool covers keep dirt and debris away from the pool and minimize the need for chemical cleaning products. Opt for one that you can pull on and off by hand or using a reel so you will turn your pool into an Eco-friendly on.

Let the robotic pool cleaner do the job

Pool robotic cleaners are excellent aids in keeping the pool clean chemical-free and effort-free thanks to the intelligent technology that allows this device to walk along the pool on its own. While it goes over the pool’s floor and walls, the robotic pool cleaner uses brushes that scrub away the dirt before a vacuum absorb it and collects t in a filter. When it’s done, the pool will be sparkling clean and chemical-free. When shopping for pool robotic cleaners, consider the type of surface that your pool has. Some robotic pool cleaners only work on certain types of surfaces. Others can clean only the floor and the walls, but not the steps. There are many aspects to consider before buying an automatic pool cleaner, so make sure to read some reviews if you want to buy the right pool cleaner.

Oxygen pool cleaning technology

This is an innovative green way of cleaning the pool without using chemicals, but pure oxygen that is turned into ozone which is one of the safest and most efficient ways of removing bacteria and viruses from the pool. Another advantage is that it uses copper for cleaning the pool, which is safe for swimmers and it can cause no harm. There are specialized companies that perform the ozone pool cleaning or you can purchase ozone systems from stores.

Use sphagnum moss

Floating sphagnum moss can keep you pool clean without hurting your eyes or skin like chlorine does and it’s one of them most natural ways to clean the pool. The moss inhibits the growth of bacteria in the water and also keeps the debris from sticking to pipes and vents.