Pollution affects the quality of life on a planetary scale. Water is the source of life for all organisms. Without water, there can be no life. Its quality started to increasingly degrade as a result of changes in our environment. As you will see, there are numerous ways in which your tap water can be contaminated. If you care for your budget and for the environment, it is best to avoid buying bottled water. As an alternative, you could consider a whole house water filter or even a smaller drinking water filter. We advise you to read some of the Waterfilters.Systems reviews on different types of water filters and you will see that these devices are meant to eliminate chlorine and chloramine along with other, more dangerous contaminants. Here are some scary yet important facts that you should know about the pollution of water sources.

Water pollution caused by biological agents

Water pollution that is caused by all sorts of biological agents leads to heavy contamination, which results in the spread of diseases such as hepatitis or vital typhoid. In order to avoid contracting a disease from drinking water, it’s advisable to read some water filters reviews and install a whole house water filter. These water purification systems are highly effective at removing bacteria, germs, and viruses from water.

Chemical pollution

Chemical pollution is the result of several compounds such as nitrates, phosphates and other substances used in agriculture, the residues and wastes from industry or activities that reach water sources. Drinking water with high concentrations of nitrate can cause several diseases; it is therefore, important to use a water filter in order to filter these pollutants. Ideally, you should research some water filters reviews in order to find a system that can handle the exact contaminants that you have in your tap water. Hydrocarbons, which are present in all rivers of the world also represent one of the major sources of water pollution.

Water pollution caused by organic substances

Water pollution by organic substances mainly consists of synthetic detergents and pesticides. The degree of water pollution with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), which are used widely in the plastics industry or in rice fields is also very high.

Water pollution arising from physical agents

This category mainly refers to thermal pollution. Thermal pollution is caused by water discharges that come from some thermoelectric power plants. The temperature being raised as a result of these overflows can cause several health concerns to the animal and plant species that are currently living in those areas. Marine animals suffer the most because higher temperatures can increase the intensity of the metabolism. All this determines the so-called ‘thermal pollution’.

Damage caused by pollution

The damage caused by pollution can be easily determined. First, human health is at stake because as we’ve mentioned earlier, the contaminants found in drinking water can cause several health concerns. Water pollution threatens a number of economic activities. Finally, the degradation of aquatic life is full of consequences because it tends to reduce food resources obtained from seas. The fact that pollution could damage tourism is easy to understand: rare are those who have not yet met a dirty beach.