If you are trying to find ways to increase the level of humidity in your house, humidifiers are the way to go. These devices are very efficient at providing the sufficient amount of moisture in the air, the one that is needed to avoid dryness of the skin or limit the number of headaches caused by too dry air. However, you can receive the same benefits from green alternative that are both affordable and very practical.

Place houseplants around your apartment

This is undoubtedly the most common solution for increasing the level of humidity in your house or apartment, although there are not many people who are aware of the air purifying or humidifying properties of houseplants. Basically, most houseplants release moisture through transpiration, a process in which the pores of leaves sweat. There are many plants who can add moisture to the air but the most common plant with humidifying properties is the Boston fern, so make sure to add a couple of these plants in your bedroom or living room. They also provide a pleasant aesthetic appeal.

Shower with the door open

Here’s another easy way to add moisture to the air, without having to pay anything. If you are living one consider leaving the door open when taking a shower or a hot bath. The steam generated by the hot water will spread throughout the bathroom and into the hallways of the house. This is an easy way to increase the level of humidity in the house, especially if you are the type of person who likes to take long showers everyday.

Dry clothes inside

Instead if putting your clothes into the dryer, consider using a clothes drying rack to dry clothes at room temperature. This way, not only you manage to lower your utility bills, but you also add that needed moisture in your home. The only drawback about drying clothes inside is the fact that it takes much longer for the clothes dry, but other than that, this is a cheap and eco-friendly solution for humidifying the environment.

Add dishes of water near heat sources

If you have a lower budget and you can’t afford buying an humidifier, then you will love this next tip. Consider adding a couple of dishes of water that are made of ceramic or evens pans of water near a heat source. The water will be evaporated by the high heat and the steam will spread in the air so that you will get a decent amount of humidity in the house. You can also invest in a non-electric radiator humidifier to produce the needed steam.