If you want to gain more autonomy over your life and not have to constantly depend on others by doing simple tasks, such as going to the supermarket, park or meet a relative, you should know that there are some simple transportation solutions for you. In the next article, we will show you which are the most popular and most eco friendly transportation solutions for disabled persons.


The most popular method of transportation is undoubtedly the wheelchair. Besides being highly practical they are extremely easy to use. Nowadays, there are many wheelchair models designed to make your life easier. You can consider opting for a powered wheelchair, for more convenience. Most often using your wheelchair for the entire day can be a bit exhausting as you have to constantly put some effort into moving them around, but with an electric wheelchair, things are much simpler. Using a powered wheelchair can provide you with many benefits. For instance, the majority of these models allow you to adjust the seat, so you can find the most comfortable position. With a powered wheelchair you can travel for longer distances but if you are worried about using large amounts of energy and you’re looking for a more Eco-friendly solution, then you should consider opting for a solar-powered wheelchair.

Mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and as a result their prices have also dropped significantly. You can find a great mobility scooter for just under $800 but if you are trying to find an Eco-friendly mobility scooter, one that is preferably solar-powered you will have to pay more than $1000 or even $2000 for it. However, having an Eco-friendly mobility scooter represents a great investment, especially if you are planning to use it for many years. With a mobility scooter, you can now do a lot of things on your own, without having to depend on others, such as going to the park, visit a friend or run some errands. In order to see which mobility scooter has the best Eco-friendly features, peruse some mobility scooter reviews on the mobilityscooter.reviews website. Compare the best choices and choose the most convenient scooter for your needs.

Solar-powered car

When it comes to choosing a solar-powered car, you must take into consideration several things, so that you can choose the best car suitable for your needs. The most important thing when you shop for a car is to determine how wide the doors open, to see if there’s enough space to store your wheelchair, crane or other necessary things that are of great help to you. It’s also recommended to make some small changes, especially if the car you’re wishing to purchase doesn’t have any adaptations fit for a person with disability. Keep in mind that there are some car models that were specially designed for people with disabilities, but these models can be very expensive or hard to find. So, it would be best to get advice from a professional so that you know what types of adaptations are needed.