If you are passionate about gardening and we like to keep your garden and lawn clean and looking neat all time, regardless of season, then you should consider investing in some good quality and efficient power tools. A good lawn mower will help you keep the lawn tidy while a snow blower will help you remove snow from a large surface area so that the heavy snow doesn’t cause damage to your existing vegetation. A good solution would be to opt for Eco-friendly devices because they use less energy than regular gardening tools.

Remington Cordless PowerMower

While you might be tempted to check out the best lawn tractors, since these vehicles require minimum effort on your part, you shouldn’t rush your purchase.  Smaller mowers are easier to maneuver and you will get the job done faster with them. Moreover, the best lawn tractors are not exactly environmentally friendly.  It’s no secret that appliances that run on gas can damage the environment considerably, so it’s best to limit their usage as often as you can. The Remington Cordless PowerMower is an efficient lawn mower that has the same mowing abilities as a traditional gas-powered lawn mower. We like that this specific model comes with a 60-volt battery that lasts for almost one hour, which is all the time you need to cut the grass from a mid-sized garden or even a large lawn. The battery charges in almost 10 hours, so it’s advisable to keep an extra battery nearby, in case you need to use this lawn mower for longer periods of time. This device uses a small amount of energy; in one year you will have to pay almost $5 on electricity, so we can say that this is definitely a wise choice.

Robomow RL 2000

Do you have a small garden and not enough storage space to store several bulky appliances? Then consider opting for a robot lawn mower that is far more eco-friendly than other units. As seen in the Robomow RL 2000 review, this machine runs on 24V batteries that take around 20 hours to recharge and provide enough power for 3 hours of mowing. Robomow RL 2000 doesn’t create any toxic emissions and is extremely energy-efficient so you won’t have to worry about it damaging the environment.

Greenworks 26032

Are you trying to find an Eco-friendly yet powerful snow blower? According to the best snowthrowers 2015 reviews, the Greenworks 26032 seems to be the best Eco-friendly choice. Although it’s not auger driven, meaning that you need to put some extra effort into pushing this device, it’s a great alternative to gas-powered snow blower. It’s not only easy to maneuver and handle but it also has a lot of power, so you can use it to remove large quantities of snow in a fairly short amount of time. If you want to learn more about it, research the best snowthrowers 2015 reviews and compare this snow blower with other similar products. You’ll quickly see the difference.