The robot vacuum market has gotten very versatile lately. If you take a look at some robot vacuum cleaner reviews on, you will see that nowadays, these vacuums are a lot more effective and more affordable than they used to be a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner, you should know that it’s important to choose one that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This way, you ensure that the environment stays preserved and save money in the long term.

bObsweep PetHair

The bObsweep PetHair is a great vacuum cleaner that has the ability to do 4 things at the same time. It vacuums, sweeps, mops and sterilizes the surface area, regardless of the floor type. Although it’s more expensive than other comparable models, this unit is a 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner so this means that you won’t have to invest in other cleaning products. It’s highly capable of picking up hair and even small particles of dust but what it does best is at picking up pet fur. This model even uses a HEPA filter to vacuum sub-micron particles of dust or other kinds of debris. Vacuum cleaners that use HEPA filters are considered to be the most efficient and the most eco-friendlier devices. HEPA filters are said to be green-worthy for one main reason: they can suck air and implicitly pet hair, mold and fungi from the air and trap them in the exhaust system, instead of releasing them back into the environment. The bObsweep PetHair is RoHS compliant, meaning that it doesn’t contain materials that can endanger the environment.

Yujin EX 500 Robotic Vacuum

This next vacuum cleaner is one of the most innovative robot vacuum cleaner on the consumer market today. What sets him apart from many modern robotic vacuum cleaner is that despite the fact that it comes with many innovative technologies it consumes less energy and it’s eco-friendly as well. However, if you want to have a robot vacuum cleaner that consumes a very small amount of energy, you should look for one that comes with basic features. Nevertheless, the Yujin EX 500 Robotic Vacuum is still a great option for those of us who want to have an efficient product that comes with a variety of accessories and different technology but uses the same amount of energy as a basic vacuum cleaner. The Yujin EX 500 Robotic Vacuum also comes with a large dustbin that can hold more dust and debris, so you won’t have to empty the container so often. Besides, having a large dustbin that can hold a large quantity of dust is a great because it also means that there will not be a need to use the robot vacuum cleaners every so often.

Neato Botvac™ 75

If you are looking for a compact eco-friendly vacuum cleaner that is very efficient at trapping dust and allergens, the Neato Botvac™ 75 could be a great choice for you. This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a large dust bin, 50% larger brush and an extra large filter that give you the option to clean a room more efficiently and much faster, so that you manage to use lesser amounts of energy with each use. You can set the robot cleaner to start cleaning at specific intervals of time or simply push a button to start spot-cleaning a room. Because it uses smart laser navigation and path planning, it will offer a more precise cleaning and all in a very short amount of time.